Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You Can Fake It 'til You Make It

~ fabric detail from my newly made dress ~

Especially now that my sewing studio is fit as a fiddle, clean as a whistle, and in top notch shape.

But not right now ... I have a headache.


not faking it
yeah, but you can't see the dress, kiddo

ok, whoosh, I'm up & moving

how's that?
well, better.  how about a front view?

fine, ok?
okay, okay.

For a real look at the cartoon dress, close-up, check out the Clothes from Winter page.  We'll get her over to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet StyleThat should liven her me up. 

Oh, I should mention that the dress pattern is by Tina Givens, called Etre.  I used two different cotton fabrics: "Home Sewing is Easy" by Alexander Henry and the obnoxiously titled "Country Weekend" (images of art supplies?!) by Hoffman International Fabrics.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fashion and Cleaning: Work Out

Must break my cleaning schedule to visit with Patti and the Visibles.  You know that can't be missed, right?
~ wearing another of my December beauties ~

Attention! Dork!

This pattern is called Adele by Tina Givens and I am looking pretty dorky here.  But I do think my refurbished 1950s bow-tie on a bolero (she means bolo) looks cool.  And my Alice in Wonderland knee socks.  ooo and my dark red Trippens for $50 bucks on ebay.

Well I gotta get back to cleaning now...

It was sure nice seeing you all again!

You can hang around if you want and visit my Clothes for Winter page (which I finally updated) to see this dress and the velvet one up close and in detail.

I'm really making progress on my sewing studio massive mission impossible.  I did have to destroy a couple other rooms in the process, but I'll get to them some time...in the future.  I mean, I can't delay sewing forever already.

This just in:  Rhonda announced Me Made Mondays are back!  Hope on over and see what the sew sisters are up to.

And this too:  It's Sheila's Shoe Shine and I'm there.  Join us.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now Is The Time

...for a massive-clean-up-your-mess-however-long-it-takes session(s). 

painting by Cassie Taggart

Enough with procrastination, work-a-rounds, and not paying attention.  Hear that?    I'm going to take the time it takes, i.e., stop sewing (!) and just do it.  yeah.  So this is probably enough talking about it and the moment for action.  woo-hoo!

See you on the other side...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh No! A Moment of Clarity.

When did Project Minima turn Maxima???  I was just sitting on the couch last night when this thought came into my head like gang busters, totally unbidden.  "I have too many clothes."

~ painting by Jocelyn Hobbie ~

(You shouldn't have bid on that.  I didn't bid on it.  It just came in.)  

Out loud, I said "I am going to have too many clothes."  See, I changed it up a bit.  That went back and forth between my true love and I for a bit.  Being the practical person he is, I don't remember a thing he said, other than it helped clarify what I said, or the fact that I said it.  Meanwhile I was reeling with the ramifications.  I mean, this changes everything.  Everything.  First, I took a meandering trip down the river of deNile.  Followed by bursts of kick boxing with my shadow self.  Then got lost in a fog.  Oh, don't forget the naps.  You know, the usual 5 steps.  And here I am, true confessions.  WTF am I going to do now!?!

sigh.  sigh with arms folded across chest.  that's a little defensive isn't it?  hmmm.  Well, let's stop moaning and groaning and take stock.  It's a new world out there/ in here.  Ha!  It's a new year.  

It's not all bad.  I did stop going to stores (including thrift stores) and buying clothes.  I did get to the point where I now have clothes that fit me, I like them, and I feel good in them.  That's huge.  I was batting zero on all three when I started the Project.  And I've come to know, stumble across really, what I like to wear.  That was something I wanted to get to and I have.  yea.  I wear what I want, where I want, even at home.  I like that. 

Downside is, consumption has steadily crept in.  First with ebay shoes.  Then with sewing patterns, and sale fabric.  Now more fabric and some warm socks.  I don't need any of these things.  None.  I have enough of all of them.  Really, but I know in my soul I'll at the least buy some more patterns sooner or later - probably Tina Givens.

Monday, December 29, 2014

December Beauties

I made a few.  At least four.  Let's get the show on the road with my Rose Hips Wonder: 

Yeah, there's a whole lotta velvet going on.

I finally learned how to use the timer on my camera and thought the pictures would be much better.  Not so.  They still seem pretty grainy to me.  I don't think the res goes very high on the camera to begin with.  We'll see.  I'm a very slow evolver.

Moving on...

and just hanging around.
It has the swoosh factor.
Notice the stunning crew sox, always a fashion statement.
Also great for swooning
and swaying...or vice versa.

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